• Kabul Made Saigon Look Like A Triumph

    James E. Livingston “To watch Kabul fall, some half a century later, resurrected old pains […]

  • One Year Later, Don’t Forget the Sacrifices of Afghanistan

    Nick De Gregorio As a newly minted Marine Corps second lieutenant back in 2007, I can […]

  • VOD Chairman Jason Church on “The Guy Benson Show”

    Listen to the show…

  • One Year After Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal, America Owes Its Veterans Answers

    America has yet to reconcile in full what took place in the final months of […]

  • VOD Board Member Jimmy Byrn on “John Solomon Reports”

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  • VOD Advisory Council Member Amber Smith on “Fox & Friends” with Joey Jones

    “We’re seeing distraction with these ‘woke’ policies that really started under the Obama Administration. He […]

  • What if They Gave a War and Everybody Was Woke?

    “A military that appears to abandon its apolitical role will have a harder time attracting […]

  • VOD Chairman Jason Church on “The Hugh Hewitt Show”

    “Too many veterans across the United States are looking at what’s going on in the […]

  • VOD Advisory Council Member Amber Smith on “The Joe Piscopo Show”

    “[Veterans On Duty] is an organization made up of extremely patriotic veterans who have served […]

  • VOD Chairman Jason Church on “Fox & Friends” with Pete Hegseth

    “[Veterans on Duty] will bring the fight to Washington. This country is worth it. It’s […]

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