• Kabul Made Saigon Look Like A Triumph

    “To watch Kabul fall, some half a century later, resurrected old pains and revealed old scars. It was, in many ways, a far more tragic story than what I witnessed off the jade coasts of Vietnam.

  • One Year Later, Don’t Forget the Sacrifices of Afghanistan

    “Remembrance is the key to learning from our mistakes, that we might never again conclude a conflict with such cavalier ignorance; that we might never again take for granted the lives of those who facilitate our mall-going way of life; that we might think of their families who wait for their return before we send our kids to war.”

  • VOD Chairman Jason Church on “The Guy Benson Show”

    “When we saw what was going on last year [in Afghanistan], I think a lot of veterans—myself included—really struggled because we saw a lot of the work we had put in go completely to waste.”

  • One Year After Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal, America Owes Its Veterans Answers

    “[Veterans] deserve candid explanations from military officials involved in the withdrawal and a full accounting of the decisions they made that led to such a disastrous outcome.”

  • VOD Board Member Jimmy Byrn on “John Solomon Reports”

    “We are putting resources toward things that we don’t need to be focusing on…. We need to start looking at things like updating our technology, modernizing the military, making sure our service members are prepared to go into combat and fight and win—regardless of their race or religion or gender or anything else.”

  • VOD Advisory Council Member Amber Smith on “Fox & Friends” with Joey Jones

    “We’re seeing distraction with these ‘woke’ policies that really started under the Obama Administration. He had eight years to really shift military culture—and it was successful.”

  • What if They Gave a War and Everybody Was Woke?

    “A military that appears to abandon its apolitical role will have a harder time attracting large numbers of warriors and patriots to its ranks. Welcoming woke policies under a warped idea of inclusion may serve to exclude those who are traditionally more likely to serve.”

  • VOD Chairman Jason Church on “The Hugh Hewitt Show”

    “Too many veterans across the United States are looking at what’s going on in the Pentagon and on the world stage and are increasingly concerned about the direction of the country […] so we formed Veterans On Duty as a watchdog group.”

  • VOD Advisory Council Member Amber Smith on “The Joe Piscopo Show”

    “[Veterans On Duty] is an organization made up of extremely patriotic veterans who have served and sacrificed for this country that are going to be doing something about the policies at the Pentagon that are hurting the military [and] hurting our nation.”

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